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Nature Clubs (Sabuj Dal)

Sundarbans is regularly exposed to several threats and is a vulnerable ecosystem. As a major step to establish community participation in the region, the forest department took initiative to involve the local school students to ensure sustainability. We are grateful to the forest authorities for allowing us to execute the ideas on the field. A pro-environmental green army was formed in 19 schools in the forest fringe villages of Sundarban Tiger Reserve, chosen by the forest department, dearly known as ‘SobujDal”. The students are all free to float their concern and ideas to combat the threats. To help them to groom themselves we provide books, posters and arrange for audio-visual interactions on a monthly basis. We hope with time these young hearts will turn into the guardian of Sundarbans and inspire the following generations.


Establishment of Nature Club in 19 Schools of Sundarban Tiger Reserve area (2017-2019)

Nature Mates aspires to develop an understanding of nature from all aspects and plan issue-based activities to develop a safe and healthy haven for humans and non-humans to co-exist with mutual respect.

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