Trainings and Workshops

Naturalist Training

This programme is aimed to enrich and guide people who have general inclination towards nature. Observation is the most important skill of a naturalist and narrating the observation is equally important as this helps in maintaining the natural history records. In the wildlife tourism sector there is also a growing requirement for trained naturalists to cater the guest. Our naturalist training programme was designed to cater the people and to create a supply for the existing demand in the industry.
We have arranged a couple of Naturalist Training Programmes till date.

Nature Guide Training

One of the most important alternative livelihoods evolved around tiger reserves and national parks in India is Eco-tourism, where the locals are appointed as the messengers of Sundarban to create the balance and the messages which need to go across the world. Nature Guides or Eco-guides are regularly trained and updated and upgraded as per the situation. We have successfully carried out three nature guide training program in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve and Sundarban Tiger Reserve. We always made sure nature guides are oriented with respect to the facts and knowledge one tourist seeks for. Also behavioral modification and creating self-esteem is the key of our modeling.

Workshop on Kitchen Gardening for Beginners

We through different workshops on Kitchen Gardening aim to highlight the need and importance of growing one’s own food and how to develop this garden in any available corner of your house. In addition to this, highlighting the numerous environmental benefits, promoting consumption of locally grown food and its positive effect on health of an individual and the planet, contributing less to the carbon footprints, increasing eco-literacy are specific areas that serve as a purpose for our workshops.
With the people who are starting their hands on gardening, the general flow of the program goes step by step from touching the basics of gardening, necessary equipments, types of gardens, basic concepts of botany: types of plants, different seasonal plants, their flowering time, light requirement and other climatic elements to planning a garden and then selecting the plants according to the available place. We usually discuss the requirements of the plants, how and when to fertilize them and what is the best time to water them. Through this workshop, one is able to process your organic fertilizers for the plants by recycling the kitchen waste. We also talk through the common diseases that can affect the growth of these crops and discuss simple remedies to cure such diseases.