Awareness Campaigns

Awareness Programs

Small steps in any field bring huge changes. When the question comes to combat against pollution, to protect wildlife or to conserve an ecologically important area it is always essential to involve the common people to integrate those small steps together. We organize awareness campaigns to make the issues clear to the commons to make our team stronger. We perform these sessions in regular intervals to reduce the gap of knowledge regarding the importance of these species in the ecosystem and hope to succeed by motivating the local people to conserve the diversity.

We have conducted several awareness campaigns on various areas like Solid Waste Management, Fishing Cats, mangroves, butterflies and Snake & bite management and many more.

Snake Bite Management

Snake bites are well known medical emergencies in many parts of the world including India, especially in rural areas. Agricultural workers and children are the most affected. Snake anti-venom provides a specific lifesaving measure. However, there is a huge dependence on traditional faith healers over modern medicine which often produces fatal outcomes.
Therefore, mass awareness to be provided to locals in the domains of identification of the species, the several do’s and don’ts when confronted with a snake and the crucial tenets of snake bite first aid. It is crucial to improve the community education about the risks and encouraging them to seek health care from trained professionals only rather than from faith healers, to minimize the occupational risk and increased seasonal incidence (monsoon and post monsoon) of snake-bite mainly in case of the farmers.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one among the basic essential services provided by municipal authorities in the country to keep urban centres clean. However, all solid waste deposits at a dump yard within or outside the city haphazardly.
The journey to good waste management starts from the minds of young children who can learn, adapt towards changes quickly and actively participate to execute their parts to overcome the problems we all face. Howrah Municipal Corporation, therefore wanted to incorporate and involve students to think about the current issues, be reactive, analyze and execute their bests at their levels. It is important that they are made aware and to do so the message of a cleaner environment and a better future should be put forward in a simple and effective way. More importantly development of a sense of belonginess is necessary as well as a sense of ownership of their own actions. A very essential side of awareness is creating the need of a 'Good life and Wellbeing '. There was always an immense need to change the mentality of learned helplessness and their constant negotiation with waste, by acknowledging it as environmental adversity. It was time that HMC needed to create hope that there can be an alternate reality and embracing it in pursuit of happiness.
To provide some awareness to the students the Howrah Municipal Corporation took the initiative of “Green Volunteer Group” under “Mission Green Howrah”. Nature Mates sportingly started executing by creating these volunteer groups in the different Schools, envisaged as the pioneer body which will be given the responsibilities to segregate in their households, in their schools, supervise the process of segregation and most importantly making others aware regarding the purpose of the entire process. We, Nature Mates-Nature Club, were assigned to execute the plans of involving the students in this mass movement. Different activities were conducted in various schools for triggering and sensitizing the Young Bengal- The Torch Bearer of Green Movement with the current issues with the intend to change age old patterns of behaviour for a Greener, Sustainable & Waste Free Tomorrow. Nature Mates-Nature Club plays the role of a catalyst to select a group of interested students to form a “Green Volunteer Group” from every school, educate them in ways they can execute their part, receive wonderful ideas from the students as to how they would like to address this issue and many more.

Plastic Cleaning Campaign

Solid Waste Management

  • Campaign regarding Removal of plastics from Satragachhi Jheel in 2007 for the Forest Department
  • An awareness meeting was arranged at Christopher Road Government Sponsored School with the students to discuss health and hygiene issues and also career in Wildlife Studies.
  • Fishing Cat
  • Organized Awareness programme for plastic free Sundarbans at various markets in different ranges of Indian Sundarbans. 2018
  • Organized Snake awareness programme at JFMC areas of different ranges of Indian Sundarbans 2018