Waste Management Activities

The overuse of plastic is one of the biggest environmental threats the whole world is facing right now and Sundarban is no exception. The unique mangrove ecosystem is becoming more vulnerable due to the huge amount of plastic wastes generated and accumulated by the locals and the tourists. To get rid of this menace, we have been regularly executing several initiatives taken by the forest department in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve. Providing stainless steel utensils to the local tourism section for banning use of plastic, performing several rallies and campaigns in market areas, putting up awareness posters and above all directly involving school students in plastic waste management are the prime activities we look after in Sundarbans under the supervision of the forest department. Alongside reduction in use of plastics we hoped to encourage more people in recycling and judicious reuse of these plastics. We hope these initiatives will be a key to make Sundarban Waste free.