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Upcoming Events

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Big Bird Day

Big Bird Day is an annual event initiated by the Delhibird group to celebrate the joy of birdwatching. It is a day dedicated to birdwatching and enumerating species seen in a chosen location. In 2014, BBD went truly national with over 400 teams from 28 states coming together to document 794 species across India, in 2015 which became …………………………………. We take part in the BBD actively, as at least 5 teams comprising our members submit the data from different parts of West Bengal each year. BBD is very effective to build up a data from different parts of the country in a particular time, which becomes highly valuable for measuring actual bird diversity of the region.


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Forest Week Celebration

Forest Week in West Bengal reaches its silver jubilee this year.

14th to the 20th of July. On this very date, in the year 1928, Rabindranath Tagore had initiated the grand Briksharopon o Banmahotsav festival at the Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan.

Spreading mass awareness regarding forest protection through some special and intensive programmes in every district of the state over a week’s time, that has ever been the objective of the observance of Forest Week
As a highlight of the special programmes taken up during the Forest Week this year, saplings two per individual and 50 per organisation-were distributed among the rural people for free.

Phool Mela (ফুল মেলা )

The urban recreation forestry division of the West Bengal directorate of forests organised the annual flower and foliage show titled Kolkata Phoolmela where we take active participation by organizing sit & draw competition, photography show etc.


Naturalist Training

As a part of modern conservation strategies, arrangement of alternative livelihood for the local people residing aside the forest is very necessary. And simultaneously with the increasing scope of Wildlife Tourism, need for Guides and Naturalists are also increasing. We, in collaboration with forest department train local young boys and girls as naturalist guides to make their own earning from the wildlife tourism and make our team in favor of conservation more strong.

Nature Mates Awards

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Snake Bite Management

Snake-bites are well-known medical emergencies in many parts of the world including India, especially in rural areas. Agricultural workers and children are the most affected. Snake antivenom provides a specific lifesaving measure. The current annual need for the treatment of snake-bite envenoming amounts to 10 million vials of antivenins. Unfortunately, the present worldwide production capacity is well below these needs. This trend needs to be reversed through concerted actions by national, regional and world health authorities and manufacturers and through effective public–private partnership. The prevention of mortality and morbidity depend upon availability of antivenom in the health facilities in these settings and their rational use. Mechanisms need to be developed to ensure access to antivenom by all needy patients. The health system needs to respond to this challenge and logistics must be put in place to ensure timely availability of antivenom at the point of use.

Talks and Film Shows

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