Banabitan Butterfly Garden

The first open air butterfly Garden in India, is the brainchild of Nature Mates. It’s one of the most successful conservation initiative by Govt of West Bengal, Department of Forest. More than 75 lifecycle, average 4500 butterflies released in the wild every year since then. (FD funded)

Rajabhatkhawa Butterfly Conservatory

This will be the largest Butterfly Garden in West Bengal, once completed. The garden is getting ready on a 7 acre plot. As Buxa Tiger Reserve hosts the best diversity of Butterfly in West Bengal, this garden will surely become an attraction in recent future. (FD funded)

Eco Park Butterfly Garden

One of the major attraction of the Eco-park Rajarhat is the Butterfly Garden. Team Nature Mates were instrumental since beginning to make this garden the Garden of today. Lakhs of visitors visit the garden per year and on an average 8000+ butterflies are getting reared in the laboratory associated with it. Around 50 lifecycles so far. (WBHIDCO funded)

Ramsai Butterfly Garden

It’s a butterfly garden created in a reclaimed land very close to the Gorumara NP, at the village Ramsai. As butterfly watching is a on foot activity, most of the butterfly lovers don’t get access to this winged beauties inside the forest from a close vicinity as moving on foot inside the National Park is strictly prohibited, apart from getting on the watch towers. Keeping that problem in mind and to promote conservation of this magnificent fauna, involving local youth, this Garden was created. It has become a sensation since then as 100’s of tourist have started coming in just to see this garden now. Run by Nature Mates with a local team consisting of two village house wife, one girl with thalassemia and boy belonging from the minority community. (FD funded)

Kulik Butterfly Conservatory

Another very large Garden is under development by us, with a fantastic ambience and vastness, This Garden will also start by the later half of this year for the visitors. (FD funded)

School Butterfly Gardens

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College Butterfly Gardens

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